Thoughts from the Pentatonix Concert

Through my friends in choir who were able to procure pre-sale tickets, I had the amazing opportunity to see Pentatonix at the Vogue Theatre. PTX has always been one of my favourite performers on YouTube and I was stoked to be able to attend a live concert in a while.

Pentatonix blew the roof off the Vogue when they opened with their Daft Punk medley, a song that we thought they would save the best for last. Nevertheless, the piece sizzled the crowd and the rest of the concert stayed like that.

Next up, Kevin Olusola, the quintet’s beatboxing cellist, played “Renegade”, an original composition. Shortly after that, PTX’s bassist Avi Kaplan stunned the crowd when he showed off his talent of overtone singing. We also got to hear a brand new cover that hasn’t been uploaded to their channel yet, A Great Big World’s “Say Something”.

The group proceeded with the usual numbers of their newest album and sang a lot of songs from their season of The Sing-Off. They then wrapped up their show by giving us a double encore, singing their covers of “Can’t Hold Us” and “We Are Young”.

In the summer of last year, I kicked myself for missing the concerts of Kurt Schneider’s friends and Boyce Avenue because everyone told me both shows were fantastic. I was glad I didn’t miss Pentatonix, because they sounded better live than in the recording studio. I think they are a better group to listen live just because of how dynamic each singer’s vocal abilities are, and even when one is familiar with most of their songs, hearing them live is another experience just because you will get to hear the unique attributes of each singer’s voice.

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