Material Design Debuts in Latest Android Iteration

Avoiding fancy press conferences this time, Google promptly unveiled its 2015 lineup of devices and software on Wednesday, dispelling a slew of rumours on the way as well. Strategically aimed to show off the company’s new releases a day before Apple’s iPad and Mac event, the Nexus 6, 9, Player, and Android 5.0 was revealed in a series of blog posts.

Complete with a new logo, the newest iteration of Android will be named Lollipop, with all the features showcased from the Developer Version released this spring. For the first time since Honeycomb, the UI and UX receives a big overhaul tailored in the new Material Design introduced in this year’s I/O event. Such design changes include a minor facelift of the default Roboto font and a flatter design compared with the glass-like features of Android 4.4. Users have already been seeing Google’s transition to the new OS with various native apps such as the Play Store and Google Plus. Google is preparing to roll out all the updates through OTA in the following weeks.

The Motorola Nexus 6 is a considerable upgrade from the Nexus 5, with a WQHD screen and a revamped 2.7 GHz Snapdragon CPU, all under a slick metal body. The same also goes for the HTC Nexus 9 as well, sporting a 64-bit processor for the first time along with a QXGA screen. These devices will no longer come as a budget deal, as Google has almost doubled the prices, with the Nexus 6 starting at $650 unlocked and the 9 starting at $450. Along with a new phone and tablet, the Nexus Player was also released as a digital player powered by Android TV.

With the release of the Nexus 6, it confirms the fact that Google has delayed its initially proposed Android Silver programme. However, the jump of the 6’s price from the budget levels of the Nexus 5 is a sign that all future devices released by Google will all carry premium price tags. Android’s latest logo also suggests that Google is trying to move from an image of convenience to an image of fidelity, where it looks strikingly close to Bloomingdale’s logo.

In my opinion, I thought that the decision to bump up the prices for Google is not good nearing the holiday season, especially with the fact that the OnePlus One is gaining ground as a budget phone with high-end specs.

And knowing that not everyone will be fond of giant phablets, the Nexus 5 will be back for another year for users desiring smaller handsets.

Out of all the announcements from Google this week, I’m most excited for the eventual release of Android Lollipop as it’ll give all Android devices the new aesthetic update it needs, and hopefully get rid of all the archaic apps that have already been duplicated like the Movie Maker and the original Messaging app.

And also, about that font in the new Android logo. I seriously hope it’ll be uploaded onto Google Fonts, it fits exceptionally well with the new Roboto and will look great in my layout designs!

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