Virtual Self EP Review

A year after releasing a hit single and touring alongside French producer Hugo Pierre Leclercq, we find Porter Robinson leaving his old style in favour of his roots. Enter the Virtual Self alias and its eponymous EP, Porter’s brand new project in which he mixes of happy hardcore and trance.

As many of Porter’s fans will know that not only is he a massive fan of DDR, he is also incredibly skilled at the game—he regularly baffles other players with his skill on the streets of Tokyo. This album goes all in on Porter’s love of DDR, and combined with his ability to weave melodies, Virtual Self is another hit that his fans will enjoy. Even under a new alias, Porter still retains elements of his sound in his debut album Worlds, which maintains a sense of wonder and storytelling.

Below are some of my favourite tracks from the EP:

Particle Arts

With its bright and brilliant chords, the leading track of this EP is easily my favourite. What first starts like an introduction to one of Porter’s songs in Worlds immediately transitions to happy hardcore riffs that will certainly be popular at raves.


A tremolo of drums and bright piano from the previous are the highlights for this track. “Key” is an energetic track that feels like lobby music in arcade games such as Rocket League. 

EON Break

The first track announced in the project, “EON Break” is a punchy and high-velocity track with an intensity that is reminiscent of boss battles in JRPG games. 

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