Avengers: Infinity War Review

After 10 years and 18 feature films, Avengers: Infinity War is the culmination of every character and their storyline in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While it is a fantastic standalone superhero epic on its own, the story of Infinity War truly rewards fans of the franchise that have watched every film along the way.

Note that this is a spoiler-free review up to the start of the plot of Infinity War. If you are up to date with all previous MCU films, then read on.

The third installment of the Avengers series no longer puts Earth’s Mightiest Heroes at the focal point, as they are now joined by the Guardians of the Galaxy, plus the MCU’s Phase Three heroes in Spider-Man, Black Panther, and Doctor Strange. Together, they take on the inevitable task of facing Thanos, one of the most powerful villains established both in the comics and in film. After several failed attempts in acquiring the Infinity Stones through his minions, Thanos has decided to seek the Stones himself.

The film sets the tone immediately in the opening act. As it wastes no time in showing the type of enemy Thanos is, and the full extent of his power. It is a recurring theme throughout the film as viewers are constantly reminded that the stakes have never been higher as every character’s life is in danger.

The Russo brothers have also done a terrific job in balancing screentime for the movie’s loaded cast, as no one feels out of place. Everyone plays a role, and many of them serve as further opportunities for character development. For example, we finally learn the extent of Peter Parker’s Spideys-ense abilities. It is evident that the Russos have also consulted with the directors of each character’s own feature films to keep everyone consistent within the universe.

Another element that should be noted is the manner in how every character has been separated into different teams as they fight Thanos in different times and places. Every familiar and necessary grouping of characters is followed by a grouping not yet seen in MCU history. Seeing some of our favourite characters meet each other for the first time with their unique traits on full display is one of this film’s best highlights.

Finally, Marvel Studios takes their already impressive CGI to new levels in this film. All of Infinity War’s fight scenes happen at a massive scale and are truly a spectacle to see. Thanos himself is entirely CGI and his foreboding presence throughout the entire movie fills incredibly real.

Infinity War is a tremendous film. It fulfills its promise to longtime fans while keeping continuity consistent for each character, and sets the stage for what will be a substantive ending, a rarely seen element in superhero stories.

Above Photo: Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark donning his new Bleeding Edge suit in Avengers: Infinity War. (Marvel Studios)

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