Glass Mansion Review

Two years after releasing his self-titled EP I Am the Elephante, Tim Wu, better known as Elephante, dropped his second EP Glass Mansion this week. Among one of the most underrated producers in the electronic music scene today, Wu’s dynamic production persists in his latest EP, as well as a masterful balance of vocals and instrumentation.

Prior to producing music, Wu was initially a Harvard graduate who worked in a consulting firm and was unhappy with his work at that time. When he finally left his old job and took up producing, he chose Elephante for his stage name to reflect the phrase “Elephant in the Room,” as the elephant in the room for him back then was his unhappiness in his old job. A few years later, he has become one of the most versatile producers in melodic EDM.

Glass Mansion’s nine tracks are a combination of future bass, big room, and nu-disco. Unlike I am the Elephante, these songs are less focused on the drops but on the overall flow of melody in a track. It’s something I hope to see more from Wu in the future as it shows just how versatile his production can be.

Below is a selection of my favourite tracks from the album.

“All Over Again,” feat. Knightly

Wu goes nu-disco in “All Over Again,” a duet of troubled lovers who keeping leaving and coming back to each other. This is also the first track that features vocals from Elephante (Tim can sing!), who plays the male side of the duo, and he feeds off Knightly’s vocals wonderfully. The melodies in this track are bittersweet to both reflect the couple’s affinity for love and conflict.

“Troubled,” feat. Deb’s Daughter

Stripped of heavy production this time, this track is given soulful vibes from the vocals of Deb’s Daughter. To me, “Troubled” is a quasi-distressing commentary on the state of the world today, but remains hopeful as reflected in the drop.

“Otherside,” feat. Nevve

According to Wu, “Otherside,” retells the story of Dolores Abernathy from Westworld during a pivotal plot point in the first season. This is an exceptionally produced track and by far my favourite of the EP, highlighted by the distorted intro, melodic drop, and Nevve’s longing vocals.

Glass Mansion is a refreshing mix of the most popular genres currently in EDM, and the colourful production of every track will delight electronic music enthusiasts from every genre.

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