I am currently a Master’s student at the UBC School of Public Policy and Global Affairs. My studies are focused on the decline of sovereignty as a norm in the international system. Being a sports fanatic, I also enjoy studying sportive nationalism and its role in international relations today.

I am also an experienced digital marketer with specialisations in content marketing, branding, and copywriting. With an additional background in graphic design, I like to lead marketing campaigns that are accompanied by consistent and well-rounded visuals.

Through my academic interests and marketing experience, I look to become a content creator that works on projects which explains policy and its related subjects. My personal and career goal is to further public interest in history and politics through visual appeal and simpler writing. I think that with these methods, not only will people appreciate these topics more, but also begin to explore policy issues on their own. 

With these ideas in mind, my website is a sandbox that experiments with the best way of explaining issues in global policy. Aside from that, I also enjoy posting about my favourite topics including sports, strategy games, electronic music, and trends in visual design. My complete design portfolio can also be found here, fully annotated with the ideas behind each project.

Hope you enjoy your stay!