I’m a big fan of listing, ranking, and compiling things that interest me. Below you will find some personal projects that consist of collections, guides, and resources. I hope that not only will you find these enjoyable to read, but also helpful to any related projects you might be working on.


Some simple projects I am working on that covers sports around the world.

Best-on-Best Hockey Teams

This is a constantly updated list of the rosters I think the top hockey nations of the world will ice if a best-on-best international men’s tournament started today.

Tokyo 2020 Medal Predictions

Unfortunately, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this project will be suspended indefinitely.

Features of the World

Inspired by Civ, here are some lists that dive into the cultural and natural diversity of the world.

Global Cities

A guide of the world’s most well-known cities.

Historical Cities

A guide of the world’s lesser-known, but equally important cities.

Natural Wonders

A list of the world’s most famous geographical features.

Game Guides

Below is a list of simple guides for the games I am currently playing.

Civilization V Guide

An updated tier list of Civs in Civ 5 along with a few tips for playing as each Civ.

Civilization VI Guide

An updated tier list of Civs in Civ 6 along with a few tips for playing as each Civ.


Humankind is a upcoming 4X game similar to Civ. To anticipate the launch of the title in late 2020, I have made a list showing all confirmed cultures.

Great People

Inspired by Civ again, here is a more comprehensive list of great people with additional categories as well.

Great Admirals

Naval strategists and tacticians who commanded the seas.

Great Artists

Visionaries known for their talents in creating aesthetics and visuals.

Great Athletes

The greatest sportsmen in history who have pushed the limits of human capabilities.

Great Dignitaries

Ambassadors, socialites, public figures known for making headlines.

Great Doctors

Medical practitioners who have left substantive legacies on public health.

Great Explorers

Adventurers who were the first to brave the unknowns of the world.

Great Engineers

Builders whose applications of the natural sciences have propelled society forward.

Great Entertainers

Performers, jesters, and magicians who have actively shaped pop culture through time.

Great Financiers

Entrepreneurs, merchants, and traders whose business empires spanned great distances.

Great Filmmakers

Masters of cinema who have shaped the colourful world of moving pictures..

Great Generals

The greatest military leaders, strategists, and tacticians of history.

Great Magistrates

Lawyers, jurists, and legal scholars that have shaped society’s understanding of the rule of law.

Great Musicians

Composers, instrumentalists, and singers who have inspired generations with their talent.

Great Philosophers

The greatest thinkers who have actively stimulated society’s collective intellectual psyche.

Great Prophets

Founders of religious movements whose preachings have left an everlasting mark on society.

Great Scientists

Scholars who have given society a better understanding of the physical world.

Great Spies

The greatest minds who have been involved the art of espionage.

Great Statesmen

Leaders whose decisions and insights have left the greatest mark on society.

Great Theologians

Thinkers of religious doctrine who have sparked new movements and tested faiths.

Great Writers

Wizards of words whose ideas have stood the test of time.