All projects that I have made for fun can be found here! I’ve always been a fan of organising and categorising things, and below you will find some personal projects that mostly consist of tables, guides, and resources. I hope that not only will you find these enjoyable to read, but also helpful to any related projects you might be working on.


Best-on-Best World Ice Hockey in 2022

Updated list of the rosters I think the top ice hockey nations of the world would send if a best-on-best international men’s tournament started today.

Tokyo 2020 Event Predictions

Updated predictions of all 339 events at the 2020 Summer Olympics. Use this as a definitive guide to the top competitors for every event.

Tokyo 2020 Projected Medal Table

The total tally of projected medals won by each country based off my event predictions.

Tokyo 2020 Event Results

Updated results of the Games to be compared with my initial predictions.

4X Games


My running list of all cultures that have been revealed so far.

Other Games

Car List

An ever-expanding list of cars that would appear in my dream racing game.

Witcher 3 General Guide

A beginner-friendly guide to get the hang of the game without any spoilers.