Welcome! Historyland is my mini encyclopaedia project detailing various facets of human history. This project is heavily inspired by history simulation games such as Civilization, Age of Empires, Humankind, and the grand strategy games from Paradox, which all contain encyclopaedic content in-game that explain real-life history taken from game mechanics. Aside from the addcting nature of these games, I found the in-game encyclopaedias’ bite-sized formats of explaining history fascinating, which was a major reason why I chose to study history in university. However, the content and scope of history each encyclopaedia featured were only limited to the relevant historical topics found in game. Historyland aims to be much more ambitious and definitive, but still presenting information in a way that is concise and compelling.

This is a massive project that is still WIP. I hope that not only you will find these interesting to read through, but also help you in any relevant research or assignments that you are working on. Below is a sample of my partly-finished sections for a taste of what is to come.


Civilisation is the foundation of human society. Below are entries on the world’s most important civilisations, cultures, and cities from the beginning of recorded history to contemporary times.


The collection of timelines detailing historically significant events globally.

World Cities

The list of all major and historically significant cities in the world.

Historic Cities

The list of equally historically significant cities but are now either uninhabited or have seen their importance decline dramatically .


Humanity has always been shaped by the structures we build. Below are entries on all types of structures humans have built to advance civilisations, from mundane everyday infrastructure to the greatest architectural and engineering marvels.

World Wonders

The list of some of the most remarkable structures in history.