Public Speaking

When I was an undergrad, I had been an active member of the Toastmasters club on campus. I made this page as a guide for fellow Toastmasters looking for tips on club activities and projects, or anyone who hoping to improve their public speaking skills.

The main guide below is directly based off the Toastmasters Competent Communicator (CC) manual, which was a curriculum path that I completed that has since been retired. I’ve still based my guides off the CC manual as I think it teaches key public speaking skills fantastically. In addition, I have also provided guides for improv and evaluation within Toastmasters clubs. All of these can be used for reference to practice public speaking even if you are not a Toastmasters member.

Competent Communicator Guides

The Icebreaker

Get comfortable on stage.

Organise Your Speech

Give your speech proper structure.

Get to the Point

Deliver the purpose of your speech meaningfully.

How to Say It

Enhance your speech with proper language.

Your Body Speaks

Improve your stage presence with your body language.

Vocal Variety

Emphasise the ideas that matter the most.

Research Your Topic

Research and explain a complex idea.

Get Comfortable with Visual Aids

Make effective visual presentations.

Persuade with Power

Make a compelling argument.

Inspire Your Audience

Combine all previous skills to deliver an inspiring speech.

Other Guides


How to deliver solid evaluations with meaningful takeaways for the entire audience.

Officer Guides

Introductions on all officer roles during a meeting and how to best perform their tasks.

Table Topics

A crash course on Table Topics and some tips on improv.