General Trivia

Here are some general trivia question sets I have created. Incorporate these into your next icebreaker or party! 

Set 1

  1. The Big Easy is the nickname of which American city? New Orleans
  2. Which country literally means ‘Little Venice’ in its official language? Venezuela
  3. Which country uses the złoty as its currency? Poland
  4. What is the name of a mythological creature with the body of a lion and the wings of an eagle? griffin
  5. Which Canadian athlete won the first ever gold medal at home? Alexandre Bilodeau
  6. What kind of flower bulbs were once exchanged as currency? tulips
  7. Who is the alter ego of Wanda Maximoff? Scarlet Witch
  8. What is the only MLB team to have overcome a three-game series deficit in the playoffs? Boston Red Sox
  9. When Lucy first steps into the wardrobe in the Chronicles of Narnia, what creature does she first meet? a faun (Mr Tumnus)
  10. What video game company was founded in 1889 and first started out making trading cards? Nintendo
  11. Name all four members of the Asian Tigers. Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and South Korea
  12. What statistic is used to measure economic inequality? Gini coefficient
  13. Which NFL team has won the most Super Bowl titles? Pittsburgh Steelers
  14. What element was discovered by Marie and Pierre Curie in 1898? radium
  15. Julmust is a Christmas soda found in what country? Sweden
  16. What key signature is three semitones up from C major? E-flat major
  17. Which American state is known as the Hoosier state? Indiana
  18. What is the square root of 169? 13
  19. Who was the great political rival of British Prime Minister William Gladstone? Benjamin Disraeli
  20. What is the oldest surviving known work of literature? Epic of Gilgamesh

Set 2

  1. Which Pokémon is number six on the National Pokédex? Charizard
  2. Silla, Baekje, and Goguryeo are the historic kingdoms of what nation? Korea
  3. What is the name given to the mathematical expression (e)+1? Euler’s Identity
  4. To prevent malaria, what did British imperialists drink before heading to settle in Sudan? gin and tonic
  5. What was the final album released by The Beatles? Let It Be
  6. John Curtin was the Prime Minister of what country during the Second World War? Australia
  7. After putting their queen under house arrest, the United States annexed this country which eventually became its 50th state. Hawaii
  8. Which element is the lightest out of the alkali metals? lithium
  9. The Peace of Westphalia ended which major conflict? Thirty Years’ War
  10. Where does Homer Simpson work at? Springfield Nuclear Power Plant
  11. Which actor won an Oscar for playing Stephen Hawking in A Theory of Everything? Eddie Redmayne
  12. In Greek mythology, who was forced to push a boulder up a hill that would always roll back down for eternity? Sisyphus
  13. What was the capital of Prussia after 1701? Berlin
  14. Who is the only Canadian player in the NBA to have won back-to-back MVP titles? Steve Nash
  15. What country was Adam Smith born in? Scotland
  16. The inaugural Winter Olympics in 1924 took place in which French town? Chamonix
  17. What is the derivative ex? ex
  18. What is the plural form of inukshuk? inuksuit
  19. Who are the top two leading scorers in the history of the Vancouver Canucks? Daniel and Henrik Sedin
  20. What mammals are also known as sea cows? manatees

Set 3

  1. Taj Mahal and the Red Fort are located which city? Agra
  2. In the history of the NCAA March Madness tournament, what was the only year where a 16th seed managed to upset a first seed? 2018
  3. What does sinister mean in Latin? left
  4. What spirit is made by distilling wine? brandy
  5. What is the collective noun for owls? parliament
  6. Cao Cao, who ruled Wei during the Three Kingdoms, declared which city as his capital? Luoyang
  7. Which American President was known for the quote, “Bully for you!” Teddy Roosevelt
  8. In Norse Mythology, who is the god of the summer sun? Baldr
  9. Name the book series where the main character’s sword would light
    up on fire every time he yelled “Brisingr!” The Inheritance Cycle
  10. What car manufacturer is named after the founder of Detroit? Cadillac
  11. Which Canadian Prime Minister won a Nobel Peace Prize for resolving the Suez Crisis? Lester B. Pearson
  12. The fortune cookie was invented in what city? San Francisco
  13. What book starts with the words ‘call me Ishmael?’ Moby Dick
  14. During the 19th Century Scramble for Africa, what was the only country that resisted European invasion? Ethiopia
  15. What is the original colour of Coca-Cola? green
  16. What is the term for the science of sound? acoustics
  17. What ethnicity was Cleopatra? Greek
  18. What did Tim Berners-Lee invent in 1989 when he was a fellow at CERN? World Wide Web
  19. The Delicate Arch is located in which American state? Utah
  20. What English disco group was composed of the Gibb brothers? Bee Gees

Set 4

  1. Which British Monarch abdicated in order to marry Wallis Simpson?Edward VIII
  2. What metal is the best conductor of electricity? silver
  3. In what sport would you hear the term ‘set scrum?’ rugby
  4. How many bones are in the human wrist? eight
  5. What is the third derivative of position with respect to time? jerk
  6. The Lusiads is an epic poem from what country? Portugal
  7. How many Olympic gold medals has Russia won in Men’s Ice Hockey? zero
  8. Name the three provinces of the Canadian Francophone belt. Ontario, Québec, and New Brunswick
  9. Who was the first woman appointed to the US Supreme Court? Sandra O’Day Connor
  10. North Karelia is a region of what country? Finland