Here are some Jeopardy categories that I have made that can be incorporated into any game. The theme is based on the titles in the category, hope you have fun with them!

‘And the Walls Kept Tumbling Down’

  • $200 It destroyed Pompeii and Herculaneum. Mount Vesuvius
  • $400 The wall of protection around a quarterback is known as this. pocket
  • $600 He ordered the construction of the Great Wall. Qin Shi Huang
  • $800 Checkpoint Charlie can be found in this city. Berlin
  • $1000 These double walls once protected Constantinople. Theodosian Walls

Cancelling the Apocalypse

  • $200 In Norse mythology, this great battle eventually ends the world. Ragnarök
  • $400 The heat death of the universe is also colloquially known as this. Big Chill or Big Freeze
  • $600 The jaeger Striker Eureka was built in this country. Australia
  • $800 Megathrust earthquakes are caused by these fault lines. subduction zones
  • $1000 In the film World War Z, zombies scale the walls of this city. Jerusalem

Le Fin de Siècle

  • $200 The Eiffel Tower was built for this event in 1886. World’s Fair
  • $400 The class of battleships built during the Anglo-German naval arms race. dreadnought
  • $600 This era in the United States was marked by high inequality and the boom of the oil industry. The Gilded Age
  • $800 Austria-Hungary ignited a regional crisis after annexing this country. Bosnia
  • $1000 She led the first suffragettes in Manchester. Emmeline Pankhurst

Gathering Storm

  • $200 This NHL franchise uses an American storm warning flag as one of its logos. Carolina Hurricanes
  • $400 This was the first Civilization game to introduce climate change as a game mechanic. Civilization 1
  • $600 This 2004 film on climate change was directed by Roland Emmerich. The Day After Tomorrow
  • $800 The intensity of tornadoes are rated on this scale. Fujita Scale
  • $1000 It was the only signatory member to drop out of the Kyoto Protocol. Canada

“He Threw a Car at My Head!”

  • $200 This city was sacked for the second time in 410. Rome
  • $400 A batter sometimes does this after being hit by a pitch. charge the mound.
  • $600 This medieval siege engine uses a counterweight. trebuchet
  • $800 These coastal raiders used the knarr. Norsemen or Vikings
  • $1000 A traditional fair in Dublin and also a slang for fighting. Donnybrook

Sun Never Sets

  • $200 The term ‘the empire on which the sun never sets’ was originally attributed to this country. Spain
  • $400 Named after the President who created it, this policy had opposed European colonialism in the Americas. Monroe Doctrine
  • $600 This continental empire also wanted ‘a place in the sun.’ Germany
  • $800 The English Royal Navy was first established by this monarch. Henry VIII
  • $1000 The warm-water port sought by Russia in the early 1900s. Port Arthur

Underwater Level

  • $200 The people of Bikini Bottom frequent this beach. Goo Lagoon
  • $400 Andrew Ryan and Sofia Lamb once ruled this city. Rapture
  • $600 Cheep cheeps are a type of this animal. fish
  • $800 This Byzantine flamethrower burned even on water. Greek Fire
  • $1000 This European city has the most canals in the world. Hamburg